Lunalae Basic Knee Pad

Regular price $39.50 SGD

Elevate Your Dance: Meet the Lunalae Basic Knee Pads! 🌟

Protection & Comfort: Crafted from top-quality materials, these pads provide reliable knee protection during intense routines. Soft cushioning ensures uninterrupted performance.

Minimalistic Design: Slide them on effortlessly – no Velcro or buckles. Minimalist style complements any outfit, giving you the freedom to express yourself.

Versatile Use: Perfect for pole dance, aerial arts, or floorwork. Suitable for all skill levels, they safeguard your knees during spins, inversions, and tricks.

Built to Last: Lunalae quality guaranteed. These pads are durable and designed to endure training and performances.

Size & Fit: Find your perfect fit on our size chart. Model wears Size M.

Elevate your dance experience. Order your Lunalae Basic Knee Pads today and dance with confidence and protection! 💃

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