Top 5 Tips for Beginners Choosing Pleaser Shoes for Pole Dancing

Pole dancing isn't just an art form; it's an empowering exercise that enhances posture, builds confidence, and offers numerous health benefits. If you're stepping into the world of pole dancing and considering the transition from bare feet to heels, choosing the right footwear is essential for your growth in skill and style. Dive into our top 5 tips to guide you in selecting the perfect pair of Pleaser Shoes for your pole dance journey.

**1. Understanding the Benefits of Heels:

Heels not only enhance your posture and extend the lines of your poses but also add a touch of flair and boost your confidence. Pleaser pole dancing heels are designed to make dancing easier and safer, offering sturdy platforms for improved flexibility, stability, and stretch. Taller shoes make inversions and tricks more accessible, helping you ascend the pole with confidence.

**2. Choosing the Right Heel Height:

For beginners, start with the 6" Delight line from Pleaser. These heels provide stability while allowing you to experience the benefits of the platform. (If you are used to heels, you can also start with the 7" Adore line!) As you progress, you can move on to standard 7- or 8-inch heels. The gradual transition ensures you build the necessary skills and balance at each stage of your pole dancing journey.

**3. Consider Your Moves:

Your choice of pole dancing shoes should align with the type of moves you're working on. Boots are excellent for tricks on the pole, providing additional material for better grip. For floor work, opt for shoes with a leather or matte finish to facilitate smooth gliding. Pleaser's Adore-1020, with a 7" heel, is an ideal choice for those ready to explore more advanced moves.

**4. Why Pleaser Shoes Stand Out:

Pleaser Shoes are the go-to for both professionals and beginners due to their exceptional design and quality. The sturdy platform design ensures balance and stability, and the one-piece shank provides optimal support. Comfort is prioritized with premium padded insoles, and an ankle strap offers extra grip during spins and kicks.

**5. Quality and Fit Matter:

Pleaser Shoes stand out for their superior quality. Once you've selected your ideal pole dancing heels, consult our sizing guide to ensure the perfect fit. Comfortable materials and thoughtful design make Pleaser Shoes the ultimate choice for your pole dancing journey.

Now that you've got the tips, lace up those Pleaser Shoes, and let the dance begin! 🌟💃 Don't forget to tag us in your Instagram posts and stories to share your progress and showcase your fabulous new moves! #Bptboppityboo 💫👠